Phonics screening check and Key Stage 1 Assessments

On 28th September, the DfE released information about the phonics screening check results and results of the 2017 Key Stage 1 teacher assessments.

This year, more than 4 in 5 pupils have met the expected standard in the phonics screening checks at the end of year 1 and more children have reached the expected standard in all key stage 1 subjects.

Summary of the phonics screening check and Key Stage 1 assessment results

  • The proportion of pupils meeting the standard in phonics has increased year-on-year from 58% in 2012 to 81% in 2017.
  • The proportion of pupils who reached the expected standard rose by 3 percentage points in writing and maths, 2 percentage points in reading and 1 percentage point in science.
  • The proportion of pupil’s achieving the expected standard remains lowest in writing, at 68%.
  • 1,125 schools now have 95% of pupil’s achieving the phonics standard by the end of year 1.
  • 16% of year 1 pupils who took the phonics screening check achieved full marks – a decrease of 2 percentage points since 2016.

All statistics are taken from the DfE.  For more information visit the DfE website.

Find out more about the new primary assessment plans released by the DfE earlier this month here.


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