Launching new Mastering Maths

We are delighted to announce the publication of Mastering Maths - the latest addition to our suite of maths resources for the new curriculum.

The new maths curriculum requires children to be secure in their understanding and ‘move through the programme of study at broadly the same pace’. Mastering Maths has been developed to help schools provide greater depth of understanding and introduce a mastery curriculum from Years 1-6. The Teacher's Guides support teachers to quickly identify common misconceptions and provide intelligent practice to ensure children are secure in their understanding.

So what is mastery?

Mastery has become one of the ‘buzzwords’ in education. But what does mastery actually mean? The DfE states that, “Maths mastery involves children being taught as a whole class, building depth of understanding of the structure of maths.” There are numerous other variations on the definition of mastery which can be summarised as follows:

If a child has reached mastery, they will have a deep, secure and fluent understanding of the subject, which they can reason with, and apply to a range of situations.

Mastery is developed over the course of a child’s educational career, and this resource has been written to help you assess if children are on track to have mastered the primary national curriculum by the end of Year 6. Despite the term ‘mastery’ being used more frequently since the launch of the 2014 curriculum, mastery, as a concept to develop ‘true’ transferable understanding, is, of course, not new.

If children show mastery in maths, it means that they have the ability to use maths as a life tool, which goes beyond, and is far more useful, than the ability just to answer questions in tests.

How Mastering Maths can help your school?

  • Secure children’s understanding of key mathematical concepts through a series of problem-solving classroom activities
  • Support all staff with teacher guidance on what mastery looks like in the classroom and strategies on how to evidence this
  • Save valuable time with ready-made, high-quality resources that are easily accessible

Mastering Maths helps teachers assess maths in an easy and simple way trough easy to use and fun activities.  It provides invaluable help in asessing mastery in maths and identifying next steps and misconceptions.” Tim Handley, author of Mastering Maths and maths specialist and consultant.

Download a free sample to try out in your classroom.

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