Why should children be doing Pilates?

Our guest blogger Dan King, Head of Physical Education at Corpus Christi Primary School, discusses the benefits of teaching Pilates in school.






Flexibility and Core Health
Although most children are typically flexible, as they age, they tend to lose flexibility. Starting Pilates as a minor, instils a habit that can help the individual retain flexibility much later in life. Extra flexibility has been shown to reduce chance of serious injury and faster healing time if an injury occurs.
Balance, Co-ordination and Posture
From an early age, we begin internalising patterns for our posture and co-ordination. Yet, these internalised patterns are often distorted and can lead to back, muscle and joint pains in later life. By teaching skilled Pilates, it corrects movement patterns, promotes good posture, and can be used to teach children how to move gracefully and efficiently without causing strain to joints or muscle groups.
Concentration and focus
Pilates can teach children to move their bodies in controlled ways that allows them to self-regulate their behaviour (relax or calm down) and trains the brain to more focused on task.

Each skill benefits the children mentally and physically and is arguably a contributing factor in helping children through their journey of education. It helps them concentrate, maintain behaviour, build self-esteem and think more clearly. It has been great to see with Rising Stars and their ‘Champions’ PE primary programme that they too see the beneficiary of including Pilates as a units
Let’s hope they’ll grow older with an open mind to what new and different sports can offer them!
Dan King, Head of Physical Education at Corpus Christi Primary School, Bournemouth

Want to try Pilates with your class? Have a go with our free Champions lesson plan! 


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