Free Progression Framework for computing now published!

Progression Frameworks logoRising Stars has worked with the author of Switched on Computing, Miles Berry, to produce a rigorous Progression Framework which helps teachers cover the requirements of the new computing curriculum and ensure children are on track to meet end-of-key-stage expectations. 

“Whether you are newly qualified or an experienced teacher, the Rising Stars computing Progression Framework is an invaluable resource that supports planning and assessing the 2014 Curriculum.” Peter Richardson, Assistant Head Teacher at Walton-le-Dale Primary School

Download the Progression Framework for computing.

How does it work?

Computing progression framework

This framework provides information that can be used to help plan and assess pupil knowledge, understanding and skills in primary computing. It sets out reasonable expectations of what children could achieve in each year at primary school, thus allowing teachers to track progress towards the statutory attainment targets. By the end of each key stage, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study.

The progression statements derive from the programme of study for computing; they break down the original bullet points into shorter, more manageable chunks. Each statement is accompanied by three ‘What to look for’ descriptors. These are designed to support planning for teaching and learning. The framework sets out a sequence that illustrates progression and that can be used to make judgements about pupil achievements.

How is the Progression Framework for computing organised?

The framework is divided into three main strands and several sub-strands that represent the main elements of primary school computing.

  • Computer science
    • Problem solving
    • Programming
    • Logical thinking
  • Information technology
    • Creating content
    • Searching
  • Digital literacy
    • E-safety
    • Using IT beyond school

Download the Progression Framework for computing.

Did you know? We also publish free Progression Frameworks for Enlglish, maths, science, history and geogrphy. Download the Progression Frameworks for all subjects here.


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