Computer programmers - watch out!

We love to hear how schools are using Switched on Computing in the classroom - many thanks to Ian Rokey for this guest blog post on how he used Units 1.1 and 1.2 in his school.

As Head Teacher of a small primary school, I am lucky to have the opportunity to regularly go back into class and teach. This keeps me in touch with the children and their achievements, their learning and the curriculum itself.

During the course of this academic year I am teaching a subject I am passionate about to the whole school - Computing. The implementation of the 2014 National Curriculum brought with it a great deal of change, particularly to computing, so it was important to provide staff with a model that was easy to follow and was not skills dependent. Enter Switched on Computing.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of teaching Thistle, our Rec/Year 1 Class and Clover, our Year 2/3 class. With new skills to learn, both classes enjoyed creating simple algorithms, sequences of exact instructions in order to direct their friends correctly to a specified location. Thistle class were treasure hunters, giving directions using just forwards, backwards, left and right to their friends to find the box of treasure. With Clover class we took over the playground, which became outer space for the afternoon. The children worked brilliantly to give clear instructions to arrive at each planet and even the International Space Station! This was computing in a way that the children had not seen before, but they were just brilliant and a joy to teach. Followed up briefly using a Turtle program on the laptops to consolidate their skills, it was a lovely afternoon to be back in class.

As a school which uses blogging actively to create an audience for our children’s learning, you can see how we achieved this at or via our whole school blogs at

I can see how this is going to be an extremely enjoyable year and tomorrow I can look forward to working with our two KS2 classes, both of whom will begin their journey into becoming software and game developers. Look out world, our programmers are catching you up!

Here is an audio summary of what the children in Clover Class felt that they had learnt from their session:

Have you seen the new Progression Framework for Computing?

Written by Switched on Computing author, Miles Berry, this progression framework helps you to cover the requirements of the new computing curriculum and ensure children are on track to meet end-of-year expectations.

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