September Maths Challenge

Thanks to Caroline Clissold for this month's maths challenge

In the Progression in Reasoning section of the NCETM’s National Curriculum microsite it states that:

The aims of the National Curriculum are to develop fluency and the ability to reason mathematically and solve problems. Reasoning is not only important in its own right but impacts on the other two aims. Reasoning about what is already known in order to work out what is unknown will improve fluency; for example if I know what 12 × 12 is, I can apply reasoning to work out 12 × 13. The ability to reason also supports the application of mathematics and an ability to solve problems set in unfamiliar contexts. In the progression in reasoning documents that are available, you will find some useful ideas and tasks to give to the children to encourage the development of their reasoning skills.

Puzzles similar to these will also help: Each shape has a different value. The children need to work out what these values are and the totals for each row.

Sep challenge 1

Again each shape has a different value. The children need to work out the vlaues of each one and the missing totals for each row and column.

Sep challenge 2

This time the values of all the shapes are odd numbers. Same rules as before! How many possible answers for this one can the children find? Can they make any generalisations?

Sep challenge 3

You can make puzzles like this as simple or as complicated as you like. Why not ask the children to make up some of their own to share with the class. If you do, let us know and we can put them on the website to share with other teachers!  


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