Sharing great ICT ideas around your school

So, you’ve come across a brilliant website that you just know your colleagues will love, and discovered a great keyboard shortcut that will save them time, and a suggestion you came across in a magazine is crying out to be shared. But how do you strike the right balance between being proactively helpful and a bit too “helpful”? Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Start a book
One primary teacher I spoke to couldn’t handle all the requests for help she was getting from staff, especially as she worked only four days a week. Her solution was to place a “Useful Tips Book” in the staffroom. The idea was that anyone who found a way of doing something and wanted to share it with everyone else could write it in the book for other teachers to read. This worked a treat. The “book” was, in fact, a ring binder with lots of blank pages for staff to fill in when they wished.

2. Start a suggestions page
A more high-tech version of the same thing is to set up a page on your school’s learning platform. This is just like the ring binder, but with the big difference that colleagues don’t have to go to the staffroom to read it. They can look at it from anywhere, as long as there’s internet access.

3. Read all about it!
Another popular idea is to insert a regular section in the staff or school newsletter, if there is one.  You could call it something like “Komputer Korner” or “Tech Tips”, and items could be about software or procedures. For example. “Did you know that you can borrow a class set of digital cameras by seeing Mrs Smith?”

4. Grab some noticeboard real estate
Try to persuade the Head to let you have a corner of the staffroom noticeboard, where you can put useful, ICT-related, items. It shouldn’t be too large, because it’s better to be subtle. However, to keep people coming back to look you have to update it at least once a week.

5. Back to basics
Of course, we shouldn’t forget the most basic method of communication of all: talking! Casually mentioning to a colleague that you came across a website you think they will find really useful with their Year 5 class can work wonders!

Terry Freedman
An independent educational ICT consultanct, Terry Freedman publishes the 
ICT in Education websiteand the newsletter Computers in Classrooms.

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