Churchfields Junior School: Using Franklin Watts and Wayland's non-fiction texts to teach foundation subjects

We recently spent some time at Churchfields Junior School to see in action how the teachers and students have been using their Franklin Watts and Wayland books.

They’ve come up with an innovative way to integrate them into their classroom teaching, using them in their foundation subject lessons for Years 5 and 6. Theirs is a search-based approach to learning that starts with PowerPoint slides that present the lesson objectives and the activities they would like their children to work on. We were able to observe part of a lesson and it was clear to see how quickly the children were picking up vocabulary from the books. The teachers used facts from different pages to open up discussion on related topics which showed us how easily the books can be used in class to expand knowledge.  

churchfields junior school

Here’s a summary from one of the teachers:

“We first found about Franklin Watts and Wayland books through our local rep. As a school, we were looking to take a more knowledge driven approach to how we teach foundation subjects and in particular, focus on ensuring every lesson we teach gives pupils opportunities to learn, investigate and apply high quality information.

Prior to ordering from Franklin Watts and Wayland, we did not really use non-fiction texts as part of the planning and teaching of foundation subjects. The aim was that by using high quality information texts it would help teachers both plan and teach challenging lessons. In class, the information texts form a key part in teaching and exposing pupils to new knowledge and then through discussion and quizzing, pupils have opportunities to apply what they have learnt in their task.

We were particularly impressed with the Franklin Watts and Wayland information texts, as we felt the books contained challenging and well-written content that was delivered in an engaging way. At our school, we strive to continually deliver a high quality, challenging education for our pupils and using information texts from Franklin Watts and Wayland book group has allowed us to continue developing our knowledge rich curriculum.“

churchfields junior school   

We had a brilliant morning at Churchfields Junior School and would like to say thank you to all the teachers and the children who were so welcoming and enthusiastic about our books.

If you’d like to find out more about Churchfields Junior School and how they structure their lessons and learning please do get in touch. Alternatively if you’d like to find out how Franklin Watts and Wayland books would work in your school then we can send in a consultant who can map resources to your teaching needs.


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