Celebrate Halloween in your school

Rising Stars Halloween

From gory lessons, to growing a pumpkin, to spooky poems... we have you covered this halloween! 

We've chosen some of our favourite spooky resources for you to use in your classroom this halloween. Have a browse below:

A Bloody Investigation!   Where the Spiders Creep and Other Spooky Poems

A Bloody Investigation

Sue Evans, science coordinator at Phoenix Primary, explains how she had fun teaching her class about what's in our blood through a fun practical lesson. 

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Where the Spiders Creep and Other Spooky Poems

Creeping spiders, hairy hands, rumbling thunder and click-clacking skeletons rattling ... Are you brave enough to read these spooky poems?

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Read more ยป Muscle making with balloons!   Grow a Pumpkin

Muscle Making with Balloons

Teach your children about the different functions of our bones and muscles with this fun practical lesson!

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Grow a Pumkin

Pumkins are fun to grow! Shall we grow a pumpkin?

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