Working with Book Aid International on the Thika Library Project

For many years, Rising Stars has worked closely with Book Aid International, a charity that provides books to communities and school libraries in Africa that are lacking these essential resources. Book Aid International upholds the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to read and to benefit from the joy, knowledge and inspiration that books can bring. Rising Stars is pleased to be supporting this brilliant charity again this year, with books from our reading scheme, Rising Stars Reading Planet, Dockside and more.
We would like to share with you the journey from our warehouse in England to the Thika Library in Kenya.

The Journey

The journey started in late 2016, at a meeting with Book Aid International discussing what books would be most beneficial to the Thika Library. After a series of discussions, a list of books was formulated and the Rising Stars’ warehouse then despatched these books to Book Aid International, a month or so before shipment was due to Kenya.

Once at Book Aid International, the books were sorted into categories, labelled and carefully packaged, ready to start their journey to Africa.


In July, the books arrived in Kenya and were transported to Book Aid’s library partner, Kenya National Library Service (knls), for distribution to Thika. The project manager in Kenya then arranged for the books to be taken to Thika.

In September, the books finally arrived in Thika and the books were distributed to local libraries and schools from there.


We were delighted to hear such postive feedback from teachers in Thika and hear about how the resources were benefitting their students.

"The books have positively affected the teacher and the class in that they have helped create confidence in pupils. The pupils can stand in front of the class and tell the story after reading. The slow learners have also benefitted; the books have short stories with nice pictures which have helped the slow learners to follow the story therefore being able to read the words. The pupils can be able to tell what will happen in the story before they read by first observing the pictures. The pupils have also proven that they can be able to concentrate well while reading in class on their own."
Teacher at the Angels of Mercy School

"The books are very good, they are capturing the psychomotor skills for the pupils which introduces a new teaching and learning method away from chalk and board."
Head teacher at General Kago Primary School

"For the class four books on SPACE, this provides foundation for science subject as they expose them to the planets, which is part and parcel of the syllabus"
Head teacher at General Kago Primary School


How to get involved

From cake sales, to charity quiz nights to book sales, there are hundreds of ways to get involved with Book Aid International. Visit their website here to find out more on how you can support this fantastic charity.

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