Justine Greening releases statement on primary education

Justine Greening has released a statement on primary education which outlines a number of decisions and initiatives that will be taken forward by the Department for Education over this academic year and beyond. Here's a quick summary of the key information.

'Coasting' schools

The DfE are setting regulations around what 'coasting' means, so that schools not making enough progress get the support that they need to improve. A small proportion of primary schools are expected to be defined as 'coasting' this year. No decisions regarding intervention will be made on the basis of 2016 data alone.

National tests will remain unchanged until 2018/2019

Following the significant change in recent years, there will be no new national tests or assessments introduced before 2018/2019 academic year. The DfE has stated that the timeline from this point will bring 'greater stability'.

Teacher assessment moderation

The DfE has worked with teachers to improve the guidance for the moderation of teacher assessment, recognising the importance of a consistent and reliable approach across England. This new guidance will be accompanied by mandatory training for local authority moderators.

KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test will remain non-statutory in 2017

The tests will be available for teachers to use if they chose to, but the KS1 GPS test will not be compulsory.

Year 7 resits will not be statutory

The DfE will not introduce statutory mathematics and reading resits on children's arrival to secondary school in Year 7. There will, however, be a targeted package of support available to make sure that struggling children are supported by teachers to catch up in Year 7, and resit papers will be made available for teachers to use if they wish.

Consultation on primary assessment and accountability

Early next year the DfE will launch a consultation on primary assessment and the implications for accountability. This will cover key issues, including the best starting point to measure children's progress, and the role and operation of teacher assessment.

EYFSP will remain for 2017/2018

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile will remain in place for 2017/2018.

Read Justine Greening's full announcement here.


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