Only half of parents aware of new maths curriculum

Only half of parents aware of new maths curriculumDid any of you spot the Press Association article published via the Mail website on 27 October, about survey results which highlighted the lack of confidence many parents have supporting their children with maths? If not, here’s a little recap.

The survey was commissioned by Pearson alongside Carol Vorderman's online maths school The Maths Factor, and asked 1,000 parents for their views on maths, the new maths primary curriculum and how they felt about supporting their children with their maths homework. Though 82% of those questioned said that they find maths useful in working life, a quarter of participants said they would not be confident in assisting their child with long division without the assistance of a calculator, and a similar proportion (24%) reported they would struggle to offer guidance on converting between decimals, fractions and percentages.

Almost 20% also said they do not feel able to support their child with long multiplication. Some interesting stats there. So what about the new curriculum? Are parents aware a new Primary Maths Curriculum has been brought in, and what it will require of their children? Well, just over half of the respondents claimed they were unaware of a new maths curriculum, and about half of those who were aware knew it would be more demanding of their child. So, how can we help parents to be confident in what the new Primary Maths Curriculum will require of their children?

Well for starters, why not share with them our handy Parents’ Guide to the New National Curriculum. You can download the FREE guide here, in either colour or black and white. And for support with maths practice and revision both in and out of the classroom, you can always look to our Achieve range.

For you die-hard Rising Stars fans, you will recall Achieve was the first series we ever published and continues to be a bestselling series of books packed with revision and practice questions for Key Stage 2. If you’re looking for really user-friendly resources to help you teach the new Primary Maths Curriculum, look no further than our popular range of planning, teaching and assessment resources for maths. There’s something for everyone, including a free Primary Maths Planning Framework, and all with our usual touch of sparkle.


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