Digital Leaders Conference

Next month 12 schools will gather to share skills with their Digital Leaders, the event which takes place on the 5th November at King Edward VI school in Southampton is being organised by Rachel Jones @rlj1981 on twitter.

The day will be one of learning and sharing, with presentations from children on their favourite projects of the previous school term.  After lunch they will head off to undertake challenges in cross school groups, with public outcomes that will have impact in their own institutions and beyond.

The reason behind the day is that children will learn valuable skills throughout the day, including social and communication skills as they work in teams with students they meet on the day. They will also hear from a number of technology companies and learn about the complexities involved in building a successful technology business.

This day follows on from a previous conference that was held in London and at BETT, you can read more about those events here.

The Nightzookeeper are opening the day with the game Cat on yer head and  the following workshops:

iPad Master class from Mark Anderson

Giving digital feedback and blogging with Julia Skinner

Using technology to encourage creative thinking – David Blow

Hacking a Rhino – Reena Pau

Broadcasting on student radio – Jo Neale

Lego MindStorm challenge – Steve Goodwin

Jedi Technology from Chris Burgess.

Nightzookeeper Magic – Paul Hudson

The event also has a twitter account @DLLearning and will have a twitter screen in the hall on the day.

The students will be getting a good bag sponsored by Toshiba and the Education Foundation, and the teachers are getting a CPD book from Crown House as well as a school membership to NAACE. Rising Stars are sponsoring prizes.  Staff will receive certificates of development and certificates for the children who have shared their learning.

On the day there will be  a Podcast and prize fairy who will be rewarding excellent work, work from the day will also be showcased on this site.

Any schools that are unable to take part in person on the day, there is the availability of taking part via a Google hangout during the lunch break - any interested schools should send them a tweet.




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