World Diabetes Day 2019

To mark World Diabetes Day (14th November), we're giving away a free extract from Bionic T1D by Nina Wadia. The book is part of the Reading Planet range of books for Key Stage 2 (age 7-11) and tells the story of a young boy with very special super powers...

About Bionic T1D:

It’s the start of the school holidays and Mav is tired, angry and thirsty – no matter how much water he drinks. It turns out that Mav has Type 1 Diabetes, and that means he has to cope with some big changes. His biggest fear is telling his friends all about what’s happening to him. Will they still want to hang out with him? Or will his new bionic superpowers make him even more special?

Author Nina Wadia will be appearing on television tomorrow to raise awareness for Diabetes. She was inspired to write the book when her son was diagnosed with Type 1:  'When I found out my son had Type 1 Diabetes, our family’s world turned upside down. Then on the day he first saw his body sensor and insulin pump, he exclaimed, “I’ll be a cyborg!” He made a difficult thing feel doable because he never thought it wasn’t – that’s when Bionic T1D was born. My son was, and is, my little hero. I wanted to share his story with you so that you can recognise the everyday heroes in your life, too.'

In this free extract from Bionic T1D, Mav reluctantly reveals his illness to his friends with surprising results. Meet Bionic T1D! 

Buy the book here

Learn more about Type 1 Diabetes on the JDRF website 



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