FREE resources to help inspire the next Greta Thunberg

In August 2018, teen activist Greta Thunberg started a school strike outside the Swedish Parliament to raise awareness for climate change. Since then, she has inspired millions of young people all over the world to join her campaign against climate change through her 'Fridays For Future' movement.

Want to inspire the next Greta Thunberg? Scroll down for free lesson ideas and related book series to help introduce ecology and climate change to your pupils.
Sample unit from Switched on Science Year 3: Environmental Effects

Take a look at the environmental impact of disposable nappies with our free unit ‘Environmental Effects’ taken from Switched on Science Year 3.

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Sample unit from Rising Stars Geography Year 3: Climate and Weather

Teach your class about climate, climate zones and biomes with free planning documents from Week 1 of the ‘Climate and Weather’ Unit taken from Rising Stars Geography Year 3.

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Inspire the next Greta Thunberg with books from Franklin Watts and Wayland...


A cross-curricular series centred on sustainability and climate change, with hands-on projects linking science and design and technology.

food we eat   the crops we grow   the houses we build   

the cities we live in   the energy we use   the stuff we buy

Good to be Green

This series of six environment education books help children age 6+ explore green issues and find out what they can do to help the planet. At the end of each story there are activity ideas, teaching notes and a quiz.

turn off the tap   rubbish or recycling   let's walk to school   

don't waste your food   save the animals   save and mend


A powerful look at the biggest environmental issues facing our generation, the Ecographics series aims to raise young readers' awareness of these challenges with the latest headline-grabbing facts and stats, pertinent case studies and powerful photos. Important reading for children aged 9 and up.

climate change   biodiversity   natural resources   pollution

Putting the Planet First

Discover how people all around the world are putting the planet first and helping the environment in new and exciting ways!

reduce, reuse, recycle   eco-cities


franklin watts and wayland, history and geography, Science

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