How Tennyson Road Primary are using Rising Stars resources

Tennyson Road Primary is a 3-form entry, ‘Outstanding’ primary school in Luton. They achieved fantastic results in the 2016 national tests with 100% of Year 6 children getting a scaled score of 100 or more. Of their success, Head teacher Hilary Power told us: “How do we get our results? Yes we have fab teachers, but we couldn't do it without fab resources!
The school has been using a broad range of Rising Stars resources, spanning across both curriculum and assessment, for over six years. Carla Gotch, Assistant Head teacher, has kindly shared feedback about some of the school’s favourite resources below. 

Rising Stars Optional Tests

“A great resource (even if challenging in places). It was the Optional Tests that spurred our non-exam years to drive harder and push further. A valuable resource for collecting and analysing data. I would definitely recommend!”

Writing Assessment Tasks

“This is a new purchase for us, one I was eagerly awaiting! I have given my staff the freedom to use it how they want. Most of us use it at the end of a half term – to signify where the moderation starts and begins – for example the work up until this point is ‘at expected progress’  as a marker for our own data gathering. Some use the resources to inspire other lessons as they are a fab tool on their own.”

Assessment Bank

“Fabulous! I have been showing this one off recently to some other local schools that I work with. It’s great for designing your own test. Sometimes these resources are already made but you might not have covered all of the questions within the test just yet. With Assessment Bank, you can tailor it to your needs – what do the children know, what can I challenge them with, without leaving them feeling dejected because we haven’t yet covered a certain topic. I also love the fact that you can search for questions based around cake!”

Achieve 100 apps

“Love them! Such a brilliant resource for the children to revise from. They love the fact that they can track their progress and just like any other online app you can unlock new levels! This is their favourite part! They really enjoy challenging each other and discussing who got the highest score. We have these on our iPads at school, however it is something I recommend to parents and most of my class now have the app at home and continue learning when I’m not there! Bonus!”

Cracking Comprehension

“Fantastic short tasks aimed at breaking down comprehension. An easy to use tool with worksheets/questions already devised. My children and I love the interactive whiteboard sessions which enables me to model the learning before the children go off and explore with a different text.”

Rising Stars Spelling

“I have just received this resource and I am so excited to use it! It looks great!”

New Curriculum Spelling Tests

“Again, I love these! They cover a wide variety of words that are likely or have popped up in SATs exams. I often use these lists for my weekly spelling words. The format is as it is in the SATs exam so it really helps our children to practice their test skills as well as their spelling.”

New Curriculum Dictation Tests

“I rave about these to anyone that will listen! I believe that these really help with comprehension as the children really have to listen to identify punctuation, power of words and the grammatical structure of a sentence. My children love doing them too.”

New Curriculum Mental Maths Tests

“We all use these weekly, although there is no longer a mental maths test in this format in the SATs the skills that they are developing as they practice are really key to sitting the end of year tests. They cover a wide variety of question types on each test and it enables me to identify weaknesses and gap areas as we go.”


“Brilliant! My children are mad for this resource! You can really see the difference in their recall after just six short weeks! I am introducing it to my new class this half term. They get a buzz out of each session – they love the pressure of the timer and the freedom of choosing their own level of cards. I have had quite a few visitors observe Meemo and we have sent them away excited and raring to go with their very own memo! The best thing about it…once you have done the initial set up the children run the programme themselves, giving you time to observe and support where needed.”

If your school is using any of our resources and you’d like to share your feedback, please email us at – we’d love to hear from you!


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