Your Year 5 children - getting them ready for the New National Tests for Maths in May 2016 with a ne

 As you know, your current Year 5s will be the first cohort to be subjected to the new National Tests in English and maths. We already know some very important facts about these new tests:

  • The new floor threshold will be for 85% of your children to reach a new higher standard.
  • Originally we were led to believe this new higher standard would be broadly equivalent to a level 4b. Now we know this is not the case. The Programmes of Study are much more demanding and as such the contents of the National Tests will be significantly more demanding too.
  • By May 2016, in order to reach the new required standard, your current Year 5 children will need to have been taught and to have understood mathematical concepts and operations which have until now been at Level 5, not Level 4b.


FREE Year 5 National Test Survival Pack

To give your teachers and your children the best chance in the new National Tests it's really important to start preparing them now.

We have therefore put together a FREE 'National Test Survival Pack' to help you give your Year 5 children the best chance of success in 2016.

It includes:

  • New Curriculum Progression Frameworks for Year 5 and Year 6 Mathematics which include clear statements of progress in maths, against which you can check your children's progress over the next 4-5 terms.
  • A summary of the key areas of the new maths curriculum for Year 3 and Year 4 which your current Year 5 children may have missed.
  • A clear guide to the changes to the new National Tests.
  • Discount voucher for Rising Stars' new mathematics curriculum and assessment materials, should you need to purchase resources.

To download your FREE 'National Test Survival Pack' for mathematics go to our 'free stuff' area 


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