#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Top Tips for Dealing with Stress: Day Two

At Rising Stars, we believe that developing wellbeing and character is an important part of growing up.  This includes helping children develop resilience and moral compass.

To help you with this we’ve put together a few wellbeing lesson ideas and strategies for you to try with your class this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek:

1. How to avoid feeling overwhelmed (Year 2 lesson from Character Education)

Many children feel that they should be able to solve problems immediately and can feel overwhelmed when faced with a task that appears too difficult. Inflexibility and a fear of failure may considerably reduce a child’s resilience in tackling problems and challenges. This lesson teaches children to examine problems and simplify them into parts that are easier to understand.

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2. Positive self-talk (Year 5 lesson from Character Education)

Help children develop resilience, confidence and a positive attitude towards challenges with this lesson introducing the concept of self-talk.

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3. Introducing wellbeing at school (sample strategy from Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning)

Introduce children to the idea of wellbeing at school and support them to think of their own wellbeing and that of others with this short sample strategy.

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4. WOOP – ‘Wish, outcome, obstacle, plan’ (sample strategy from Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning)

Support children to anticipate barriers to learning and develop effective strategies for overcoming them. In this self-efficacy sample strategy, children will make plans to anticipate what could stop them from achieving their goals, and plan strategies for coping with this.

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Looking for resources to help introduce wellbeing in your school? Browse our wellbeing resources here.


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