#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Top Tips for Dealing with Stress: Day Three

Our sister publisher Galore Park offer a wealth of top tips and strategies for dealing with exam stress and building pupil confidence on their blog. We’ve compiled their top 5 wellbeing blogs for you to browse this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek:
1. 7 top tips for helping your child cope with exam stress

As parents, we are largely powerless to change the system in which our children are being educated. However, we can use our great influence to positively impact on our children’s self-esteem, academic skill development and attitudinal approach to life in general. But how? Dr Kathy Weston takes us through her 7 top tips for helping children cope with exam stress.
2. Study skills: the science behind the power of sleep and revision

How effectively are your pupils they using their study skills?  Would a few changes to their schedule at home make a big difference to their exam readiness in the summer term? In this blog, Elizabeth Holtom looks at two areas worth considering with an explanation of the science behind them.
3. Stress - how to minimise the effects when studying

How children cope with exam stress will vary from one individual to another. Here are some suggestions for minimising the damaging effects for three kinds of child (the procrastinators, the ‘panickers’ and the perfectionists).
4. New Year Study Resolutions: using 'metacognition' to inspire children's learning

Elizabeth Holtom explains what strategy you really need to use if you are to keep a New Year's Resolution, and how this can support a child on their revision journey. She also outlines an activity to enable children to monitor their learning in a metacognitive way.
5. 60% of exam success is based on confidence, and here's how to get it…

Adam Muckle, President of The Tutors' Association, describes his experiences of tutoring for eight years and dealing with the process and pressures that children and parents go through when preparing for exams.
Looking for resources to help introduce wellbeing in your school? Browse our wellbeing resources here.


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