Maths SATs Humour to Brighten Up Your Week

With thanks to Nick Hart, Deputy Headteacher at Penn Wood Primary School in Slough, for this hilarious article to brighten up your SATs week.

6 questions that you won't see in this year's KS2 Maths SATs

Q1.    Adam says,

Explain why he is incorrect.

                                               1 mark


Here is the timetable for Chen’s Y6 class for part of SATS week.

What is the total number of hours spent by Chen’s teacher resolving conflicts caused by this timetable?


A square number and a prime number have a total of 22
  1. What are the two numbers?

                                                                                                                        1 mark
    ii. Draw a picture of your teacher’s face when they see that you have written numbers in the boxes that are neither square nor prime.
1 mark


Here is a Venn diagram.  Write a number in each section.

                  2 marks


Write the people in the correct parts of the sorting diagram.

Traditional teacher

Progressive teacher

Secretary of state for Education

My line manager

2 marks


Alfie says,

‘Key Stage 2 SATS are more important for the school than for the children. In other news, I’m getting used to this breakfast and we should get it next week too.’ 

Is Alfie correct?

Circle Yes or No.

Yes / No

Explain how you know.

1 mark



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