Grasping grammar terminology ahead of the national tests

HiRes-(1).jpgWe here at Rising Stars can hardly believe that the SATs are nearly here already! If you're looking for some last minute test preparation ahead of next week - look no further.

Using our Implications for Teaching: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling report,  we've created this handy table showing what grammar terminology children should be identifying in this year's SATs.

A quick-fire run-through of these terms with your Year 6 class ahead of the test on Tuesday will ensure they are clear on what terminology they should be tackling in the paper.


Terminology not used in the test Terminology used in the test
Speech marks Inverted commas
Connectives (e.g. and, but, so, because, when) Co-ordinating conjunctions (e.g. or, and, but, so)
Subordinating conjunctions (e.g. when, if, because)
Connectives (e.g. on the other hand, in addition, furthermore, thereafter) Adverbs (words, e.g. therefore)
Adverbials (words of groups of words, e.g. on the other hand)
Time connectives (e.g. next, then, first, second) Adverbs (of time)
Connectives (e.g. after, before) Subordinating conjunctions, e.g. I went to the cinema after I had eaten my dinner (used to introduce a subordinate clause).
Prepositions (of time), e.g. Entry is free after 5pm in the eveninsg.
Embedded clauses/’Dropped in’ clauses
Subordinate clauses
Subordinate clauses
*some of these words may be in other word classes

Good luck to everyone sitting the tests next week!


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