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Thanks for the below blog post from James Green, Head of Educational Development at Just2easy about the launch of Switched on Computing within the Just2easy toolsuite!

Just2easy have been working with Rising Stars for a number of years. Our toolsuite has been matched to their award winning Switched on Computing resource since its inception. The Just2easy toolsuite enables schools to master any elements of the new computing curriculum easily from Reception to Year 6 and beyond. In fact, our latest tool, j2code just won a BETT 2015 Award. It is not surprising that schools love our latest tool with three coding engines as standard with differentiated levels and lesson plans.  Teachers and pupils enjoy the support and flexibility of the platform whether they are using iPads, Chromebooks or regular desktop machines. Like all our tools, we believe that our toolsuite should work at the point of need, irrespective of which device you are using. Coupled with our amazing digital paper, j2e5 or our Junior Infant Toolkit schools are always finding a wealth of opportunities to develop the curriculum further.

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All our tools are found in our cloud desktop, J2launch. When we were teaching, (yes we are teachers!), we found that it was always difficult to share web resources and this is where j2launch really comes into its own.  All the resources that any child may need can be easily created and shared. Simply go to the ‘desktop.’

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select  the + button.

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Fill in the details and then share. It is that easy no extra steps no extra windows just a great interface that you and your pupils will enjoy.

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Now, this is where Switched on Computing comes in. It has great lesson plans ideas and resources. All of these resources can be found in our Library all pre-tagged and ready to share with your class. It took us a while but we think it was worth it! Want to use Unit 2.4 or Unit 3.3 or Unit 5.2…? We have got it covered J Just select the resources you want to use for that lesson and pow! They magically appear on your ‘desktop’ ready to share with the class or the Library is open to everyone 24/7 so the pupils can go and collect their own resources.

We have done the hard work so you don’t have to.

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A simple idea that makes your life easy. Another little way we help teachers get more. Brought to you by the creators of the award-winning Just2easy Toolsuite.

Download sample units from Switched on Computing.

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Our tools are available via LGfL, HWB and more! To find out where our tools are available please call 01335 370579 or email support@j2e.com to find out more. 


Switched On Computing

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