Switched on ICT in the Early Years – We are Healthy

Early yearsIt’s the British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week for nursery and primary schools from the 2nd to 6 June 2014. Follow the link to find out more

This would be an ideal event to have alongside Switched on ICT in the Early Years Activity 8 ‘We are Healthy’. Or the other way around if you have already registered for the event.

There are four posters that would be really useful for promoting talk about foods and their value. Under the orange 3-6 tab choose ‘Healthy Eating ‘ where there some simple online activities promoting foods that are good for us, useful not only for free flow but for adult led activities too.

And you might even be able to link Activity 10 We Can Understand Instructions and talk about how flapjack can fit into a healthy diet.

Tricia Neal - Switched on ICT in the Early Years author


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