Statutory teacher assessment requirements from 2016

As well as stressing the importance of ongoing formative and summative teacher assessment, the DfE Reforming assessment and accountability for primary schools document also provides details of the statutory National Curriculum teacher assessments that will take place from summer 2016.

Key Stage 1

The subjects for which there will be statutory teachers assessment at Key Stage 1 are shown in the table below.

Subject Additional information
Reading TA informed by test scores
Writing TA informed by test score for GPS
Speaking and listening
Grammar, punctuation and spelling
Mathematics TA informed by test scores

This is similar to current requirements but with the addition of teacher assessment of grammar, punctuation and spelling. Instead of a National Curriculum level, teachers will report teacher assessment results by deciding which new performance descriptor each pupil best meets.

Key Stage 2

As now, from 2016 there will be statutory teacher assessments for each of:

  • reading
  • writing
  • mathematics

Teacher assessments for writing will be reported against several new performance descriptors – teachers will choose which one a pupil best meets. However for reading, mathematics and science teachers there will be a single performance descriptor describing the expected standard and teachers will have to judge and report on whether or not each pupil has met that expected standard.

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