'Highly engaging and motivating' - new case study for Switched on Science

Walton le Dale Primary School have been using Switched on Science for the last few months - read what they had to say about it!

"The layout of the planning provided was excellent. It was clear and linked well with prior learning. It gave enough detail to clearly understand what the lesson should contain, without being so overly complex that teachers would begin to lose sight of the lesson objectives. It could also be easily followed whole heartedly or being cherry picked depending on the experience of the teacher. The Tigtag videos were of excellent quality and there was one for each of the units. For me, the outstanding thing about it was the resource's 'hands-on' focus. The content is practical and highly engaging. Children in my class who were previously indifferent or worse in their appreciation of science as a subject are now enthusiastic and excited to learn. They are often engrossed in the recommended learning activities and their dialogue with each other is also fantastic."

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What did the pupils think?

“I didn’t used to like science. Now I love it!” Lucie, Year 3

“I thought learning about rocks was going to be boring, but it was fun.” Harrison, Year 3

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