We are architects

Unit 5:2 We are Architects 

This unit uses Google Sketchup for 3-D modelling - the outcome within the unit suggest that children can create a virtual art gallery in which children's work might be displayed. Oakdale took this idea and used it in conjunction with their Tudor topic.

The outcome wasn't a virtual art gallery but instead to create an online Tudor museum, this followed on from visiting Museums and creating a museum within the school along the corridor .

This unit helped the teachers plan and deliver a series of lessons in which children created their own rooms within a museum.  They thought about the design, size and what would need to be included.


They began by looking at different effects for walls and floors - what would work, what might clash and what may encourage visitors to stay longer in their rooms.







They then moved onto looking at what they wanted their rooms to include and more exploring of the layout:









In pairs, they then worked on filling their rooms and moving objects and aretefacts around.

This was a great way of using 3-D modelling within the classroom coupled with the flexibility of the Unit.  There are many other possibilities that could be used - schools could create historical rooms, year group rooms all to feature the work of the children in a 3 D environment.  As well as developing and extending their 3-D modelling skills.

Have you used this unit? We would love to see how else it has been used within schools.



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