Podcast - How To Measure The Impact Of Your Behaviour Interventions

SNAP-B author, Dr Rob Long, recently appeared on the School Behaviour Secrets Podcast to share how SNAP-B can be used to measure the impact of behaviour interventions.

The episode covers everything from how to select the right behaviour intervention strategies and using a triangulated approach to how you can use SNAP-B to objectively measure whether selected interventions are effective to address the underlying problems driving pupils' behaviour.

"The problem is the problem, not the child. What SNAP-B is trying to say is how do we help a child develop the skills to be able to cope better with the difficulty that we've identified and be more successfully included?

Listen to the podcast here.


What is SNAP-B?

SNAP-B is an award-winning online diagnostic assessment that profiles 17 social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  SNAP-B allows schools to work collaboratively with both parents/ carers and individual pupils by using 3 online questionnaires assess the SEBDs that may be affecting a child.

SNAP-B has an easy-to-use design, following the Assess – Plan – Do – Review model, as set out in the SEND Code of Practice (2015), so pupil assessments can be administered by any member of staff without the need for additional training.

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