‘Lessons from lockdown’ highlights gains from eduu.school technology

The new report into Edtech used during lockdown found that the resources and features found in the eduu.school platform made up most of ‘what works’ for remote learning best practice.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Education Technology (APPG) released their report “Lessons from Lockdown” today, summarising evidence of ‘what worked’ when schools had to quickly roll out remote learning during the 2020 lockdown.

The report highlights features of remote learning approaches that resulted in increased learner engagement or offered vital support for wellbeing – and noted 6 of these were supported in the eduu.school platform! Here’s a short summary of how eduu.school is leading emerging best practice:

1. Using thematic, project-based learning on a cross-curricular basis with real-world framing seems to have been particularly effective in engaging children with learning during lockdown, with beneficial outcomes especially for deprived pupils in the eduu.school pilot.

Amazing Islands free resource

Amazing Islands theme for Key Stage 2. Available for free here.

2. Children who preferred a more individualist approach to learning noted that they felt a greater sense of purpose when engaging in real-world activities, particularly where digital platforms integrated activities such as virtual trips for fieldwork or interactive career guidance, which created a sightline between current learning and future work, as seen in the eduu.school pilot

3. The remote learning approaches that best supported pupil wellbeing had four design elements; teacher presence, platforms that sustained relationships, activities that developed self-regulation, self-esteem and self-influence, and platforms that interlinked serviceseduu.school was particularly praised for bringing together the curriculum of the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, the user design of the remote learning platform, and the counselling expertise of the national wellbeing provider.

4. Opportunities to develop robust self-regulation skills help pupils effectively follow online learning by asking them to pause and reflect.

Environment free resource

Environment theme for Key Stage 4. Available by signing up for free here.

5. Certain remote learning practices are effective in supporting pupils’ wellbeing and in particular, innovations to support pupil wellbeing like eduu.school could be carried over post-pandemic.

6. Teacher-led video lessons, both live and pre-recorded, aided learning by adding structure, feedback and focus. Secondary pupils were found to prefer rewinding and processing teacher-recorded content in their own time.

This early evidence suggests that eduu.school can offer very positive outcomes for pupils, teachers and families, and we look forward to seeing more of this as it rolls out in this new hybrid learning world!

Learn more about eduu.school here.

Access sample material here.


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