Fun activities to try this British Science Week

It’s British Science Week - an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths. It is a fantastic opportunity to get your children involved in some really practical science activities. Here are some fun activities for you to try this British Science Week.

Looking for fun ways to celebrate British Science Week with your class?

Spring is officially upon us, and the days are already getting brighter and longer. With this in mind, why not explore the topic of light with your class this British Science Week?
Some common misconceptions that children have about light are…

1. That light comes out of your eyes

2. That we can see the features on shadows

3. That light bounces from our eyes to the object

4. That light is made up of a single colour

5. That they can see round corners

Get your pupils thinking about the concept of light travelling in straight lines with this free Year 6 unit from Switched on Science Second Edition.

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Switched on Science Second Edition is designed to help build a broad and balanced curriculum with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) sections in every unit. Putting the working scientifically approach at the heart of the programme, it is packed full of interactive and engaging investigations and experiments.
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Looking for ways to support your child with science this British Science Week?

Trying out experiments together is a great way to start. It is often easier for children to understand key science processes when they can see it for themselves. And there are plenty of simple experiments you can try at home with materials that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard. 
Why not have a go at this egg strength test – and learn about pressure and forces at the same time:

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This experiment is taken from STEAM Through the Seasons: Spring. Click here to see the rest of this brand new series.


What is STEM, or STEAM?

You might have heard this phrase used in schools or in the media. It’s a broad approach to learning that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Maths. These subjects typically overlap anyway, so it maximises on cross-curricular links.
Our Franklin Watts and Wayland series are specially designed for STEM learning. Get your child interested in science with infographics and activities that make core curriculum topics fun and approachable:

STEAM through the seasons  adventures in STEAM  the big countdown    

If your child’s into Space, don’t miss our new series from TV presenter and astronomer Mark Thompson. Full of interesting Space facts along with exciting experiments to try at home:

rocketing into space surviving in space  exploring outer space  looking into space  

Looking for more fun activities to try out this British Science Week? Follow our British Science Week celebration here.


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