The DfE's vision for schools in England - Educational Excellence Everywhere

The Department for Education have today (17th March 2016) released a white paper setting out their vision for schools in England, titled Educational Excellence Everywhere.

The paper outlines two distinct parts to this goal.

Excellence: first, we will continue to set unapologetically high expectations for all children. This country’s best schools and highest performing areas already show us how relentlessly ambitious we can and should be for children from all backgrounds, and we believe that when the bar is raised, everyone benefits.

Everywhere: second, we will focus on intensively tackling areas of the country that have lagged behind for too long. Wherever they live, whatever their background, prior attainment or needs, every child deserves a high quality education. We will do more to support communities where underperformance has become entrenched and ensure they can learn from the areas, leaders and schools that have made such impressive progress over the last five years.

Within the paper, the following seven elements have been identified as key to achieving the vision of Excellence Everywhere:

1. Great teachers – everywhere they’re needed

2. Great leaders running our schools and at the heart of our system

3. A school-led system with every school an academy, empowered pupils, parents and communities and a clearly defined role for local government

4. Preventing underperformance and helping schools go from good to great: school-led improvement, with scaffolding and support where it’s needed

5. High expectations and a world-leading curriculum for all

6. Fair, stretching accountability, ambitious for every child

7. The right resources in the right hands: investing every penny where it can do the most good

To read the paper in full, click here.

You can read a useful ‘need to know’ summary on the Schools Week website here. 

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