Your March Fractions Challenge

Last week we posted an article from Caroline Clissold on Approaches to Fractions and Equivalence. In this March math's challenge, she has provided some fantastic ways for you to explore equivalence in your classroom.

Activity 1

You could ask the children to show you half in as many ways as possible. You could give them a piece of plain paper or some squared paper to shade. Encourage them to be creative.

Collect their ideas after a few minutes and compare them. Here are some examples:


Activity 2 

You could ask them to identify the different fractions in these or similar diagrams

Activity 3

If the children made fraction strips such as those below, the whole could represent anything. For example, if one whole is 100cm, what are the rest of the parts? You could do this for any measurement including money and time.

You could then ask the children to find other lengths, or other measurements, by adding or subtracting different combinations?

fractions 3

Activity 4

You could ask the children to explore this topical idea from

What fraction is red? What fraction is blue?

Are there any other ways that this can be divided so that red wins? Blue wins?

How to steal an election

We hope that you can make use of some of these ideas when working on fractions with your children. Let us know of any other ideas you have!



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