Working Memory and Classroom Learning

Working memory refers to our ability to store and process information. We use it all day, every day as it provides us with important processes for reasoning and comprehension, and so is particularly important for children’s learning. 

Every area of the curriculum places great demands on a child's working memory ability, so to focus on improving a child's working memory can increase their capacity to learn, achieve and succeed across all subjects.

Dr Richard Skelton, Educational Psychologist, has been conducting research in this area with schools in the North West of England. Through his extensive research with headteachers and teacher he has developed a whole-class working memory programme called MeeMo.

MeeMo is a fun and engaging memory game for children in Key Stage 2. Each day, over a period of six weeks children work in pairs to win cards by answering timed questions that test their working memory. Each child has the freedom to choose their own level, selecting the difficulty they are comfortable with as well as stretching themselves as their 6 week course progresses.

To find out more about Working Memory and MeeMo and to see it in practice in the classroom, watch the video below.



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