Using eBooks in school - tips for success!

eBook_Support-page-001 Here at Rising Stars, we are committed to helping schools get started with eBooks. Steve Rowley, primary school teacher and ICT consultant at Birmingham City Learning Centre, has put together some handy guides on using eBooks in the classroom. They cover:

  • Managing your eBook Library: a step-by-step guide showing schools how easy it is to distribute eBooks onto your iPads
  • Using eBooks effectively in the classroom: hints, tips and tools on using eBooks with your reluctant readers

Download your guide now! Rising Stars eBooks - use eBooks as a springboard into reading! Rising Stars eBook Libraries are a perfect purchase for schools looking to make the most out of their tablets.

  • One-off purchase - no need to replace lost or damaged books every year
  • Engage your ‘switched-off’ boys - recent research from PISA has shown that boys have a strong interest in, and aptitude for, digital reading.
  • Unlimited access – simply add to your network for access throughout the school, in the library or from home. No restrictions apply!
  • Can be read on any device – from iPads, iPod touches and eReaders to PCs, laptops and netbooks
  • Ideal for dyslexic students and the visually impaired – eBooks give students the opportunity to change the font size of the text to suit their individual needs
  • Free Teacher's Guide - every eBook Library is supplied with the accompanying Teacher's Guide

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