March Maths Challenge

Thanks to our maths adviser, Caroline Clissold for the latest Maths Challenge

ISchools 138n the National Curriculum children are supposed to work with multiples and factors from Year 4. However, multiples and factors are important elements of multiplication and division, so there is no reason why these words can’t be introduced to the children in earlier years. Activities like the one below, which is designed for children in Year 5, are helpful ways to practice multiplication and division facts for the tables that you are focussing on with your class. You simply need to use different labels and numbers! You could ask the children to work with a partner. The numbers below need to be placed in the correct position in the table. Only one number can go into each section and each section needs a number! 20     16     1       40     27     60     8       10     48     4       36     25     2 7       28     32



Multiple of 3

Factor of 24

Multiple of 5

Factor of 36

Even number


Odd number


Multiple of 8


Factor of 120



You could then ask the children to think of other numbers to add to each section. There are various ways this type of puzzle can be adapted, for example, you could give the children a table similar to this and a set of numbers and ask the children to make their own headings. Nrich have a very challenging version of this which can be downloaded from their website and used with children who need that extra challenge! Discover Rising Stars range of Maths resources


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