Work from Paganel Primary

It has been fantastic to see the great work from Paganel primary - they have shared their work with us via our twitter account .

In Year 2 they have been using Unit 2.2 We are Painters and linked this to work on The great Fire of London.  They used Google docs to create their own animated versions of the story.

We think they are brilliant - you can read them all here

In Year 6 they have been using Unit 6.3 We are games designers - they used Purple Mash 2DIY 3D to create their games.  They have then embedded these into Google sites and included a Google form where visitors can leave reviews and comment on the games made - another great idea.

You can play the games here

Thanks Paganel Primary for sharing your work with us - we look forward to seeing what else you create.


2-2, 6-3, animation, games, google-sites, Switched On Computing

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