We are Meteorologists

It is always great to hear how Switched on ICT is being used in the classroom - here is one Year 4 teacher from Oakdale Junior School explaining how they used the unit 4.2


4D spent several weeks collecting data on the weather using a range of equipment like thermometers and rain gauges.  They recorded their work first of all in a simple paper chart which they then transferred to Excel.  Many of them had never used Excel before and had to quickly pick up data entry skills as well as making presentational improvements to their work in a separate session.  They learnt that they could only input numerical data in to the cells they would then be converting into graphs otherwise the data/computer was confused.

After they had improved the presentation of their data charts, they were asked to explore and choose suitable charts and graphs in Excel to show their data off to the best effect.  Some realised after some time that their graph was not a suitable choice and had to make alterations to their work.  One group noticed that by using a line graph they could represent data with different units of measurement at the same time ie. degrees and cm could be recorded on the same graph where it could not on a bar chart.

Here are some examples of the work they created:

Have you used this unit in the classroom - would be great to hear from you.



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