How Switched on ICT can help you deliver the best teaching in ICT according to Ofsted

Ofsted has clear guidelines on the features of the best teaching in ICT.  Switched on ICT can help you meet these guidelines with confidence


Features of the best teaching in ICT [Ofsted inspection and ICT]:

  • effective lesson planning

Switched on ICT includes step-by-step planning support, with detailed advice on preparing for each ICT project to help you deliver effective and really engaging ICT lessons.  Each unit includes useful links, how to prepare before the lesson and a clear list of the equipment you need for the unit.


  • clear learning objectives

Every Switched on ICT unit includes specific learning expectations and objectives that children will achieve by the end of the unit


  • effective use of formative assessment

Easy-to-follow assessment guidance helps you to identify children’s understanding, their skills and the National Curriculum level within which they’re working. In turn this enables you to set targets for progression.  Pupil tasks cards include self-assessment prompts in simple and direct language.


  • questioning used to challenge all abilities

Opportunities for developing and extending the ideas developed within the unit are provided alongside the core route through.


  • excellent subject knowledge of the teacher

The structure of Switched on ICT ensures that all teachers, including the least confident with ICT, have a strong grasp of the technology. The step-by-step guidance through the unit and the Software in 60-second demos support teachers in developing their own knowledge and expertise.


  • well-judged pace in lessons

The flexible units of Switched on ICT can be taught at your own pace.  Each project is designed to take about half a term, but you can adapt this to the ability and understanding of your learners.


  • teacher reinforces pupil understanding and use of key terminology

The structured approach of Switched on ICT reinforces children’s understanding and enables progression of skills across the curriculum.  Key terminology and vocabulary are highlighted throughout and the cross-curricular approach in each unit means that terminology is reinforced across the curriculum.


  • independent use of ICT encouraged

Because each Switched on ICT project uses free software readily available, pupils can continue to work on their projects at home and involve their parents/carers.


  • opportunities to experience ‘real world ICT’

Every Switched on ICT project uses ICT in context to create meaningful outcomes applicable to the real world. The skills that are developed across the entire programme are totally transferable to all areas of the curriculum and enable pupils to become skilled users of ICT.


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