New Cosmos books from Reading Planet

It’s finally happening… This July and October, we’re publishing 48 new Reading Planet reading books for age 7-11!  This vibrant collection of fiction and non-fiction cover Stars to Earth bands (Lime to Grey) and will be part of our newly renamed Cosmos strand. View the new collection here

Many schools have told us that they need more books to develop reading for pleasure and improve reading skills beyond phonics. So, we are thrilled to expand the Cosmos strand to 144 books in 2023 with more to come in 2024 for age 9+!

We’ve worked with a team of upcoming and established authors to create a rich collection of books across a range of genres. But perhaps what we’re most proud of is the diverse and inclusive approach to storytelling, artwork and subject matters. Through these books, we celebrate often untold stories and voices, journey across the world and explore topics that young readers truly care about.

We don’t like to play favourites but here’s a few highlights:

  • The Caravan Diaries by Jimmy Noble (Stars - Earth bands). This mini-series follows four cousins from a Travelling family: Star, Jack, Alfie and Rosie. Each book is written from the perspective of a different character and opens with a letter from their nanny who tasks her grandchildren to write a diary to record their family and culture for future generations. View sample extract. ‚Äč

  • Reza’s Kitchen by Sophia Payne (Mercury band). Reza takes us on a tour of his Guyanese kitchen where we learn about the weather, plants, and crops of the Caribbean. This colourful information guide even includes recipes and instructions for healthy sweet treats and delicious drinks! View sample extract.

  • The Digby and Marvel Detective Agency by Jane Elson (Stars - Earth bands). Digby feels panic in his throat when he tries to make sense of letters, words and sentences. At school, he feels like a bird in a cage trying to escape. Marvel finds the voices and noises at school too much. She wears her special headphones in the classroom to help her stay calm. But the two best friends work as a team to uncover clues and solve mysteries. View sample extract.

  • Matthias and the Miracle Meal: A Christian Tale by Andy Robb (Venus band). Matthias lives in Israel and spends as much time as he can investigating Roman spies. But when he and his family hear that Jesus is on his way, they set off to meet him. Matthias and the Meal is endorsed by Walk Through the Bible and is one of four faith-based Cosmos stories coming this year. View sample extract.

  • South Africa: The Rainbow Nation by Sally Burt and Debbie Ridgard (Venus band).  Come and take a tour in the Woza bus across the Rainbow Nation. Along the way, we’ll find out all about this country’s amazing landscapes, wildlife, people, history and traditions. View sample extract.

How to get the new books for your school:

You can buy the new books in band packs at £84 per pack or in multi-band packs at £168 per pack. Order online here (until 30th June, you can save 15% using code WW0008599)

If you’d like to build a bespoke package of the books, your local Consultant will be happy to help. Make an enquiry here and they’ll be in touch very soon.

And finally, each book will be available as an interactive eBook with interactive quizzes with a Reading Planet Online Stars - Supernova subscription. If your school already subscribes, you’ll get access to the 48 new eBooks at no extra cost as they are published.

If you’re not currently a subscriber, you can pre-order a trial now. You’ll get access to Cosmos and Astro, our high-interest/low reading level strand for struggling and reluctant readers. Please note that the new books will be available as eBooks later this year. 



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