New PiRA and New PUMA data – what is available when?

Ahead of the release of the standardised scores for the summer New PiRA and New PUMA papers in August 2021, we have written this blog to help break down which outcomes will be available when.

What is available now?

The following is currently available in MARK:

  • On-screen gap analysis (minus facility values)
  • Gap analysis export (minus facility values and all standardised scores)
  • Individual Pupil Report (strand information only)
  • Shine interventions Individual Pupil Report
  • Shine interventions Group Report

On-screen gap analysis and the gap analysis export
The majority of schools have told us that the most useful information to them this year is the gap analysis, allowing them to identify what pupils do and do not understand. Once you have marked your pupils’ tests using our free online mark schemes, simply input their scores into MARK. This will enable you to view which questions they got right and wrong using the onscreen analysis marksheet export.

On-screen gap analysis

Gap analysis export

Individual Pupil Report
With data in MARK you will be able to generate an Individual Pupil Report for each pupil. Some elements of this will be unavailable until autumn 2021, but overall score and strand performance will be available in June 2021. View annotated report here.

Shine Targeted Interventions
If you have subscribed to Shine Targeted Interventions, the Individual Pupil Reports and Group Reports for both reading and maths are now fully available for use.

What will be available in August 2021?

In August 2021 we will publish a first wave of data and add it to our website. This includes:

  • Standardised score
  • Strand/topic analysis, including strand national average
  • Transition data (allowing you to compare PiRA/PUMA standardised scores to New PiRA/New PUMA standardised scores)

How can I use the available outcomes in August 2021 ahead of back to school?

  • Standardised scores
    We know that one of the most popular outcomes are our standardised scores, which enable you to see your pupils’ performance compared to the national average of 100. As soon as we have these available, we will publish them on our website for you to use. These will be available as tables and added into the full test guidance over the summer.
  • Strand/topic analysis
    In August 2021 we will also publish tables of national average scores at strand level for each summer test. This will allow you to dive into your pupils’ test results and compare their score in each strand of the National Curriculum to national averages, pinpointing the areas they have struggled with or excelled in compared to the national picture.
  • Transition data
    Our transition tables will allow you to use scores on the new editions and see what score this would have given on the old edition. This will provide a year-on-year comparison for schools who used old edition summer papers in 2020 (most likely as a baseline in September 2020).

What will be available in autumn 2021?

All other data for the summer papers will be available in October 2021. A full list can be found here.

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