Empathy Day 11th June 2019 - Your Free 'Acts of Kindness' lesson

Free Acts of Kindness Lesson

To celebrate empathy day we’d like to give away a Free ‘Acts of Kindness’ lesson from our Character Education: The Star Awards Programme book. 


Empathy Lab

Empathy Day was founded by Empathy Lab in 2017, following research that showed that we are not born with a fixed amount of empathy and that empathy is a skill we learn 

Empathy lab want to harness the empathy-building power of books as a result of scientific evidence showing that identifying with book characters can help us see things from other points of view. 

Find out more about Empathy Lab



Wellness Giveaway

Do you know a teacher in need of a treat? 

We're giving away 10 goodie bags stuffed full with treats for 10 lucky teachers, including a selection of books from our friends at Octopus, Headline and Little Brown publishers. 

Simply nominate your teacher and we'll select 10 winners before the summer holidays. 



A whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing 
Spend a day with a SEND expert and Mental Health First Aid instructor at our one day CPD event "A whole school approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing"


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