Education Secretary Damian Hinds addresses the NSPCC conference about online safety

damian hindsLast week Education secretary Damian Hinds gave a speech at the NSPCC about teaching online safety in schools. The speech marked the launch of new guidance teaching online safety in schools.

“So, today, we are launching our new guidance on teaching online safety in school, and it is a fusion of parts of the relationships education curriculum, the citizenship curriculum, and the computing curriculum. And it’s based on the premise that if you really understand the technology, you’re less likely to get used by the technology.”

The education secretary outlined the reasons why online safety in schools is so important in his speech.

“So, character and resilience, mental health and wellbeing, virtues and values. These are the core attributes, I suppose, that we tend to want all of our children growing up with. And they’re important, as well, when it comes to the use of technology and the internet. But I wanted us to go further, because I think the other thing which can really help to build up children’s resilience to problems online is to understand it as deeply as possible.”

Switched on Online Safety helps schools to implement an effective, whole-school internet safety policy. 

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Read the whole of Damian Hinds' speech here.



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