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Character Education - the Star Awards Challenge (Part 1)

In this first of 2 blog posts from the authors of our brand new title Character Education: The Star Awards Programme for Primary Schools, Shona Pye introduces the idea of Character Education and its benefits.

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Switched on Science Launch Week - FREE TOPIC

This week, to celebrate the launch of Switched on Science Second Edition, we're giving away a free topic from Year 1 in which pupils explore their local environment to help them find out more about the plants and animals that live in their locality.

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To Meat or not to Meat

Sue Evans, science coordinator at Phoenix Primary, details a fun outdoor activity for you to try with your pupils. Get them running around neighing like horses or baaing like sheep whilst also learning how to identify a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

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Tread carefully when using the language of maths

The last thing we want is for resources and teaching to actually support misconceptions and overgeneralisations but this happens. If you have a classroom poster showing maths shapes then take a good look at it. Can you spot any errors? Are there any shapes that have been mislabelled? Read more »

Designing your maths curriculum part 1: Intent

As we prepare for the new academic year, the importance of the curriculum has come into sharper focus. Nick Hart explains the significance of designing a maths curicculum that is specific to the issues of your pupils. Read more »

Thoughts on the 2018 SATs - Reading

It has been ten years since the KS2 test included poetry (cast your minds back to the themed ‘Rain & Shine’ reading booklet in 2008 where pupils were presented two poems related to rain) so were you and your colleagues surprised to open the reading booklet this year to find a poem?

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Thoughts on the 2018 SATs - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

We asked Shareen Mayers to share her thoughts and initial reactions to the 2018 KS2 grammar, punctuation and spelling test…

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Football Freebie!

It's the start of the World Cup! Could this be England's year? You might not be getting your hopes up but the team should at least get to their matches on time, unlike Tess in this latest Comet Street Kids free eBook. 

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Thoughts on the 2018 SATs - Mathematics

The dissection (and opinions!) of the 2018 mathematics papers have begun. This blog provides an analysis of the key themes across all three papers.


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Top 10 Points for Outstanding Primary History Teaching

Bev Forest, a primary education expert specialising in history, shares some of the features she's seen on her school visits which she feels most contribute to an effective learning experience for pupils and support you in developing your history teaching from good to outstanding.

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