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Optional Tests SATs-style assessmentWe know that many schools want to be able to look at their Optional Tests results and understand how these relate to the scaled scores in the SATs. We've already published National Test Indicators for Optional Tests Set A Years 2 and 6, and this autumn we'll be publishing National Test Indicators for Set B Years 2 and 6.

How to take part

We're looking for schools to share their Set B Years 2 and 6 results for all subjects with us, so that we can carry out the same analysis we did for Set A. If your school uses Optional Tests Set B for Years 2 and 6, we'd love to hear from you!

Taking part is easy, and involves two simple steps:

  • STEP 1: We’ll ask you to share an anonymised spreadsheet of your Set B scores with us, either by a quick export from MARK (our online marksheets here), or if you’re not set up yet, we can send you a simple spreadsheet to fill in.

  • STEP 2: We will then ask you to share your National Test results for the same children once you have these, so that we can analyse their performance and work out National Test Indicators for Set B, based on this data.

To anonymise the data, all you need to do is replace children's names with numbers. We need scores for Year 2 and Year 6 – you can send us just one of these, or both if you’re using both tests.

If you'd like to take part, please let us know by emailing us at

We’re working with a company called AlphaPlus Consultancy, experienced statisticians, to do this. Once you've let us know that you'd like to take part, AlphaPlus will get in touch and let you know how and when to supply your data closer to the time.

Receive free test papers and a £20 voucher as a thank you

It shouldn’t take any more than ten minutes to take part – and you'll receive 30 FREE Optional Test papers plus a £20 voucher of your choice as a thank you for your time. 

We hope you’ll be able to help us with these National Test Indicators as it will ensure that our Optional Tests are as useful as possible for you and all schools using them.

Find out more about National Test Indicators for Optional Tests Set A here.


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