What we know – and what we don’t – about primary assessment

With this year’s National Tests now over, our minds can’t help but turn to the next round of statutory assessments and the challenges they bring. We understand that this is a topic of uncertainty for schools, so we asked Deputy Headteacher Michael Tidd to share his knowledge on what we currently know – and what we don’t – about primary assessment in the new curriculum. We’ve included some key points below, but you can read the full article on our assessment site here.

  What we know What we don't know
Early Years Reception Baseline Assessments will start in 2015. It's not compulsory, but schools who opt out will be judged on attainenment alone in 20122 The final approved list of Reception Baseline providers, and how the outcomes of the different tests will be compared
Key Stage 1 Phonics test remains in Year 1. A grammar, punctuation and spelling test will be introduced for the first time alongside new reading and maths tests. What the new tests will look like, or what teachers will be judging their teacher assessments against.
Key Stage 2  There will be new tests from summer 2016 in line with the new curriculum. The mental maths paper is replaced with a written arithmetic paper.  What the tests will look like or what the expectations will be for 11-year-olds. Progress measures remain a mystery too.  



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