National School Sport Week 2015: St Bernadette’s Sports Day Plan for EYFS

To celebrate National School Sport Week, Rising Stars is taking a look at some of the fantastic activities being planned by primary schools to get their pupils engaged in sport! Here is one account from St Bernadette’s Primary School in Middlesbrough.
Sports Day is split at the school, with Foundation Stage taking place in the morning, and the whole school then taking part in the afternoon. Tackling a Sports Day plan for Foundation stage is quite challenging, as there are 80 children aged 3-5, and only 6 adults!
Pupils bring water bottles with them, and as a treat are given an ice cream or lolly when they have finished all of their races. A special area is roped off for the parents to watch from, and notes are sent to the parents beforehand asking them not to give their children extra juice or food on the day.
With 80 children and 6 adults, conducting the races is like a military operation! There are four races for the children to take part in:

  • A running race
  • A balancing race using a bat and beanbag – an updated egg and spoon race!
  • A shuttle race – the children run a certain length, put different objects in their hoops, and then run to the end
  • An alternative race - this may be anything from jumping and skipping, to a sack race!

The pupils take it in turn to have their races, and then move to sit on the mats to get ready for the next race.
After the children have completed all their races, they then have a rest and have their lollies, whilst they watch the parent races. We always do fun races, such as carrying water by hand to pour into a jug, and seeing who can fill it the fastest. This year, we will be having shuttle races that are classroom themed – e.g. putting lids on glue sticks, handing out book bags and filling water trays, and a final race to get to Mrs Bowes first and sit crossed legged. After the races, parents are then presented with a certificate for participating in sports day.
To ensure that those children who do not like competition still have an opportunity to enjoy being active we also have a games day. The classes are paired together with their sport buddies. The nursery children are working with Year 3 (as they are the children’s reading buddies), and the older pupils have to make up a simple game for the nursery children to follow, and then they play it with them. The focus of this is to encourage fair play and team work.
Another way we’d like to try running our sports day is using a carousel approach, using different races and activities that children move through, so they are always active.
Sarah Brady, St Bernadette’s Primary School, Middlesbrough


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