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National School Sport Week 2015: St Bernadette’s Sports Day Plan for EYFS

To celebrate National School Sport Week, Rising Stars is taking a look at some of the fantastic activities being planned by primary schools to get their pupils engaged in sport! Here is one account from St Bernadette’s Primary School in Middlesbrough.

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Insight into working scientifically

Interested in attending a free CPD event on working scientifically? Want to collaborate with other teachers and hear from a primary science expert? Join the National STEM Centre and Rising Stars for Insight into Working Scientifically!

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Test fitness at primary schools to diffuse the ‘ticking time bomb’ of health problems, says ukactive

To celebrate National School Sport Week 2015, Rising Stars will be looking at PE in primary schools, and some of the great things that schools have planned for this week! Today, we're looking at the recent report 'Generation Inactive' from ukactive, which has suggested that primary pupils be tested for fitness, just as they would for maths and English skills.

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E-safety – it’s a whole-school issue!

Across schools, E-safety is a real concern affecting day-to-work work.  Issues with 18 rated games and social networks are at the forefront of comments emanating from conversations had with Head Teachers, computing leaders and teaching staff.  Tackling these issues in an informed manner is of the utmost importance. 

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The new Ofsted framework - inspecting safeguarding

The computing programme of study and Ofsted produce clear guidance outlining what they expect from schools in terms of e-safety provision. We have put together a quick overview of their objectives and expectations.

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E-safety survey

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E-safety week!

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What we know – and what we don’t – about primary assessment

With this year’s National Tests now over, our minds can’t help but turn to the next round of statutory assessments and the challenges they bring. We understand that this is a topic of uncertainty for schools, so we asked Deputy Headteacher Michael Tidd to share his knowledge on what we currently know – and what we don’t – about primary assessment in the new curriculum. 

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WordBlaze - A Case Study

Griffin Park Primary School in Blackburn has been using the WordBlaze reading and spelling programme with their year 4 and year 6 intervention groups and have had some great results! Here is what they had to say:

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Teaching GPS through song lyrics?

Maddy Barnes discusses exciting and engaging ways to teach, track and assess GPS in both Key Stage 1 and 2!

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