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Digital Leaders(DLs)  are pupils within a school who work with teachers to promote the use of technology within a school.  They carry out a variety of roles which can include: updating the school blog/website, trialling new pieces of technology, using their skills to help other children and adults in the school, running lunch time clubs and leading INSET sessions.

The Digital Leader Network  is a growing network of schools who use Digital Leaders within the classroom, the network provides ideas of getting started, application forms, how to get started with Digital Leaders and ideas of what Digital Leaders can provide to a school.  As well as the network there is also a weekly twitter chat with the hashtag #dlchat which takes place every Thursday at 9pm - another chance to ask questions and signpost what DLs across the country and further afield have been doing.

getting started


The diagram above offers an overview on how to get started with Digital Leaders and comes from the Getting started with Digital Leaders leaflet produced by Rising Stars. have also produced a range of projects that DLs can carry out to earn badges - you can find out more information here.

Digital Leaders also have their own style teach meets - or KidsMeet - the Digital leader Conference Kids Meet is happening on 5th November at King Edward VI School in Southampton you can sign up for it here.



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