- A great app for sharing videos, podcasts and blogs

Makewaves is a great social learning environment that provides social media for education. It enables schools to create and safely share videos, podcasts and blogs.














Now you can create stories and stay up to date from anywhere with the new Makewaves app.

The FREE Makewaves app makes it safe and easy to upload video, audio or images, post comments and take part in competitions instantly from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Special teacher tools allow publishers to easily check and approve student’s work anywhere and take learning outside the classroom.

All stories and blogs created on the app are added to your Makewaves account and can be viewed on the web or through the app.

The Makewaves app also lets you always stay up to date with what’s happening on the website through the Buzz. Respond to comments, see new stories and add ‘likes’ wherever you are.

Anyone can download the Makewaves app for free!

DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW!! or search for MAKEWAVES in the Apple app store.

Approve your pupils work!
With the Makewaves App, you can now approve content on the go. All you have to do is complete the following steps:

  • Click into the ‘Buzz’ section of the App

  • Drag the screen down to refresh the page

  • Click on the tick next to new content awaiting approval 

  • you will be given the option to purchase the approval tools for £1.49

  • Click on the tick again to download your purchase and start approving content

  • You can then approve content easily, anywhere, anytime!

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