'If you go down to the woods today'... with Years 3&4 from Holme Grange - Year 4 reports...

On Wednesday the 15th of May we left our school to head towards Oxford for our Bushcraft journey. Afterwards we arrived there and the mud was as slimy and slippery as slugs and snails! I walked rather precariously and I felt quite apprehensive on that mud because I despised the squelching sound it made. Next the quad bike came and picked up our heavy luggage.



When we got there we played a game called Predator where you had to walk to a tree without someone seeing you. It was so much fun. Right at the end of the trip we jumped into a freezing cold river. I was the second person to jump in it. I was so nervous because I did not know how cold the river was.


An exciting day occurred to us on the day we went at Bushcraft, first we got introduced to our camp guides then we learnt how to make a shelter. It was breath-taking because he made it out of sticks but the awesome bit was we got to make one in our tribe, best of all we won the competition!

My other favourite activity was jumping into a freezing lake, at first I thought it would be really warm so I dived in but it was like I had an electric shock. Our teacher jumped in as well but nearly fainted when he came out.



We woke up hungry and excited. After a lovely breakfast we were ready for the exciting day ahead of us. First we played the Penguin Game where you sing a song while doing actions. Next we built a shelter out of sticks, moss and rope.


At Bushcraft I loved sitting around the camp fire and having hot chocolate in the evening.



My best thing was making a tent in the woods. My tribe won. I was a talking statue. My tribe leader was Russ. He was the best ever.



I loved swimming in the lake and eating rice crispy goo in the marquee. The lake was really cold therefore I was glad that I had a warm towel.



At Bushcraft we had to camp outside in the freezing cold in our sleeping bags at night but in the morning we got to sit around the hot warm campfire which I really liked but I hated it when the smoke went in my eyes.


First this was a real surprise we made traps to kill some people’s teddy bears by trapping them. Chris was brilliant at making them I could never do that.



At Bushcraft we had hot-chocolate and marshmallows. We also got to make delicious pizza and we had it for tea in the teepee. Another of my favourite things was the egg challenge where we had to name an egg, sing it a lullaby, protect it from water and complete the grenade phase.



At Bushcraft we had to camp outside my favourite part of the trip was sleeping in the tents.



I was eagerly waiting to go into the icy cold lake and when I got into the lake it was sooooo freezing that I almost died it was such a great experience. One of my friends stayed in for 5 minutes but I only stayed in for 9 seconds. I felt so cold when I came out but at least we got to warm ourselves by the warm toasty cosy fire and a marshmallow crispy thing.


At Bushcraft I had to prepare a salmon and cook it. We had to take all the bones out, but someone in my group asked to find the brain, so we did. We had to get through the skin and the skull but found nothing. (I bet the fish wasn’t that bright!) Then we had to get it ready for the fire, we got a split stick and 2 sharpened sticks, we put the big salmon in the split stick and stuck it in there with the sharp sticks to make sure it stayed there. Then we put some string in some water and tied the split stick together.


I was dying to eat a fish eyeball. Tribes Got Talent was epic!


At Bushcraft we had to camp outside it was absolutely freezing cold. The best part was we got to drink hot chocolate around the beautiful warm campfire. It was so relaxing.



The most exciting part was watching Mr W get hypothermia and he was shivering a lot. (He was swimming for a while.) The best competition was Tribe Has Got Talent where people were trying to make our judges impressed and my tribe won.


When we arrived at Bushcraft we had to do a huge walk to the campsite. When we got there we sat down around the fire and learnt a bit about Bushcraft. Then we played a game called Predator and Prey it was very fun we had to sneak up on the prey without getting seen. After playing that wonderful game we learnt about making fire. I thought it was very interesting. Next we cooked rainbow trout using the fire we made to cook it. The next day we saw the most horrible thing ever a salmon being prepared we even saw its brains. In the evening we cooked some pizza we’d made ourselves. It was very yummy.

The next morning we had a contest with an egg. We built a shelter and gave the egg a name, his name was Eggward. Our egg survived the water but the other team’s egg died of the water. Soon after that we had to boil Eggward. While we boiled him we played a game of teamwork where we had to get the ring around the circle without using our arms. After that we had a chocolate bar and walked back to our bus while being chased by people.



On the 3rd day of Bushcraft, we went swimming in an icy cold lake. Although it was cold it was great fun. One of the teachers even went in. It was like jumping into a block of ice. When we got out we warmed ourselves by the sizzling fire. It was a great experience.


We were the best in Tribes Got Talent… and we won! My friends and I were acting out One Direction and singing ‘What makes you beautiful’. The lake for swimming was SO COLD I was so scared I nearly didn’t go in. But at the end I did.



I was eager to go swimming! It was amazing I loved it so much even though it was freezing, I jumped in 7 times. We had great fun. It was really cold but I mastered my fear.


The bit I really enjoyed was the Penguin Song! It was so much fun. I like Bushcraft so much! Bushcraft was freezing! At night I got bites all over me that was horrible.



I enjoyed the cold lake because it was freezing cold!  I was brave enough to fight the freezing cold lake. I also enjoyed the pizza we made on the last dinner we had with Bushcraft. On the last night my tribe leader had to go to a different campsite. I missed her!! I miss Bushcraft.



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