We are TV chefs

In year 1 we are moving towards the end of the year and thinking about what may be coming for us in year 2. We are also thinking of those children who are getting ready to leave the reception class and make that big leap into year 1. What will be different for them and what will be the same? How did this year's year 1s cope with the change? What can we do to help the reception children make this transition? A film?

The class are about to embark on a journey of discovery into movie making. In the five weeks we have left to us we are going to script, film, edit and present a movie. We hope the reception class will like the result.

Using 'We are TV chefs' as our guide we are sure we'll get the job done.

Will let you know how we go.


editing, movie-making, presentation, scripting, Switched On Computing, transition, year-1-2

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